2018 Event Calendar


Date Event
1-31 October Liyuan Golden Sunflower Exhibition
12 October Spirited Away - Anime Audio and Video Series Theme Concert
19-31 October The 20th China Shanghai International Arts Festival Wuxi Branch Venue
19-21 October The 1st China Hosptial Internet of Things Conference
20-21 October 2018 "have a date with Lihu Lake" Canoeing Competition
22-25 October 2018 Wuxi Taihu International Industrial Equipment Expo
26-28 October The 19th Gourmet Festival in China


Date Event
1-15 November Wuxi Zoo Cartoon Pet Puppet Festival
1-30 November 2018 Ancient Town of Huishan Chrysanthemum Exhibition
1-30 November 2018 Wuxi Turtle Head Islet Bird Watching Festival
4 November 2018 Round Lihu Lake International Half Marathon Race
8 November 2018 Maksim&His Band Crossover Piano Concert Tour
10 November 2018 Wuxi Walks for Love
30 November 2018 National Karate Championships Series Finals


Date Event
1-2 December 2018 National Karate Championships Series Finals
22 December Priscilla-ism Chan Concert
23-24 December The Great Dance Drama "The Night of the Peacock"