Location Map


  • Hang Lung Plaza

    Center 66 in Wuxi is situated in the central business zone of Chong’an District, seamlessly connected to Sanyang Plaza Station and close to the busy junction of Zhongshan Lu and Renmin Zhong Lu.Comprising a world-class shopping mall and Grade A office towers, Center 66 injects a new vibrancy into the heart of the city as it shines as its bright new focal point.
  • Grand Orient Department Store

    Greater Oriental has been devoting itself to the management and service of the consumption field since its founding. After years of development, it forms three core areas: department store retailing, automobile sales and services, food and catering within the radiation range of Wuxi.
  • Sanyang Parkson

    Parkson Business Group is a retail branch of the Malaysian Golden Lion Group. In 1994, Parkson formally entered the Chinese retail market. Today, Parkson has successfully operated 57 stores in 33 cities across China, and its footprint spanned 22 provinces.
  • Suning Plaza

    Wuxi Suning Plaza Shopping Center has a floor area of 100,000 square meters, including fashion retail, specialty catering, leisure and entertainment, parent-child, mother-child, cloud store, etc. It provides a shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment experience of life destination.
  • Yaohan

    Wuxi Yaohan gathers high-end department stores, boutique supermarkets, catering, entertainment, leisure and other business, is leading the trend of high-end consumption in Wuxi vane.

Tourist Spots

  • Liyuan Garden

    Liyuan Garden is located in the beautiful Lihu lakeside of Wuxi. It is one of the main scenic spots of the national key scenic "Taihu".
  • Turtle Head Islet

    Turtle Head Islet is located in the southwest of Wuxi City. It is one of the national AAAAA scenic spots because named after the huge stone entering the lake resembling the turtle.
  • Grand Buddha at Lingshan

    Grand Buddha at Lingshan is a famous scenic spot in the world. It is located at the Mashan scenic spot in Binhu District of Wuxi, one of the national AAAAA tourist attractions.
  • Ancient town of Huishan

    The ancient town of Huishan is the birthplace of Wuxi's place name. It has been more than 4000 years ago. The ancient town of Huishan is characterized by its dense distribution of ancient ancestral halls. It is the only block that is well preserved in Wuxi's old streets. It has been included in the preparation list of the world cultural heritage reserve.
  • Plum Garden

    Wuxi Plum Garden is a famous Jiangnan garden which is the main part of National Scenic Spot Zone .Also it is one of the established attractions specially for Plum blossoms in Jiangnan.
  • Nianhua Bay

    Zen Town · Nianhua Bay is a tourist destination integrating natural, humanities and lifestyle.


  • Chong’ an Temple

    Chong’ an temple is located in the heart of Wuxi. It is the oldest temple in Wuxi, same as Shanghai's Town God's Temple, Suzhou's Xuan Miao and Nanjing's Confucius temple.
  • Nanchan Temple

    Nanchan Temple has a long history and is located in the central section of Wuxi, Liangxi District. It is a unique ancient temple building along the ancient canal, and it has a history of one thousand four hundred and fifty years ago.
  • Nanchan Street

    Nanchan Street is an ancient street in Wuxi, located in the central section of Wuxi, Liangxi District. The Qingming bridge in the Nanchang Street is a famous historical and cultural block. It is a typical water city of the Yangtze River with a total length of 5.5 kilometers.
  • Wuxi Zoo

    Wuxi Zoo is located in No. 99 Qian Rong Road, Binhu District. It is a comprehensive theme park which integrates animal ecological display, popular science education, animal foreign land protection, large amusement and leisure tourism.
  • Wuxi Sunac Land

    Wuxi Sunac Land has a number of innovative amusement projects and wonderful entertainment performances, which endow fashion elements to the traditional culture of Jiangnan. It is a world-class theme park.